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DE INSULA PHU quoc PRIMUS DE pulchra forma (V Noctes Atticae VI diebus)

Please introduce to you: PHU QUOC tourist program - CUU LONG RIVER DELTA (PHU QUOC - HA TIEN - CHAU DO - DONG THAP - CAN THO - MY THO - SAI GON - DAI NAM)
"Mien Can Tho rice is white and clear, happy and happy.
In the field of Dong Thap immense rice fields, love love is passionate. "
Great song about the land of the West River, does not bring in the beauty of beauty and splendor like any piece of prosperous land, but with its calming and peaceful beauty. Tour to explore the West away from the bustling noise of the city, away from the daily worries of life, visitors will participate in the Western tour for 2 days to go south to enjoy the vote. Fresh air, quiet will make visitors feel more gentle and refreshing after a week of intense work.
Tour to explore the West, tour of the Western region of Viet Phong will take you to Phu Quoc - a beautiful pearl on the sea, then you will go along the West through Ha Tien, Chau Doc, Dong Thap, Can Tho, My Tho and then Ho Chi Minh City.

Island of Phu Quoc pearl

Cai Rang floating market - Can Tho
Day 01: HANOI-SAI GON-HA TIEN (Lunch, dinner)
Pick up at the meeting place, take to the internal airport, meet Vietjet or Jetstar's morning flight to Saigon.
Arrive in Saigon, the bus will take you to Ha Tien (about 7h - 8h driving time).
Group lunch on the road. Late afternoon, the delegation arrived in Ha Tien, the car took the group to visit Mui Nai beach.
Then check in hotel, rest.
18h30: Group dinner. Overnight in Ha Tien.
Day 02: HA TIEN - PHU QUOC ISLAND (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
After breakfast, the car takes the group to the pier, boarding a speedboat at 8:00 am to Phu Quoc island.
09h30 Arriving in Phu Quoc, the group departed to visit the famous specialty wine production facility, Hung Long Pagoda.
12h00: Union hotel room, rest, lunch.
In the afternoon, visit the production base of Phu Quoc heirloom fish sauce, Dinh Cau sacred, visit the pepper garden famous for the pungent taste of pepper, this is also the specialty of Phu Quoc, free swimming.
Group for dinner and check in for rest. After dinner, the group freely roam and shop at Dinh Cau night.
Overnight in Phu Quoc.
Day 03: PHU QUOC ISLAND - HA TIEN - CHAU ĐOC (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
After breakfast, the delegation returned to the car to visit the Phu Quoc Prison Historical Site, the famous pearl culture facility, Ham Ninh Fishing Village, Bai Vong Wharf.
11h30: Group lunch, then go to the pier to take a high-speed train to Ha Tien at 13:00.
14h20 to Ha Tien, bus tour to the delegation to visit Mausoleum to worship and bury the Khai Quoc Cong God of Ha Tien, formerly; Phu Dung Pagoda, Phat Da Pagoda, Hang Pagoda is the famous "Buddha" statue, located in the dark, dim mountain of stone, located in An Binh commune, Kien Luong district, photographed in front of Phu Tu Islet.
After visiting the group, the group went to Chau Doc. Group dinner and overnight at Chau Doc.
Day 04: CHAU DOC - DONG THAP - CAN THO (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
After breakfast, the delegation boarded a car to visit the famous sacred Lady's Lady Temple throughout the Mekong Delta, Tay An Pagoda.
8:00: Group to go to Dong Thap. Arriving in Dong Thap, the delegation visited and lit up a statue of Uncle Ho's memory of the birth and mindfulness: Nguyen Sinh Sac's Deputy Head. 12:30: Group rest, lunch.
After that, the car will take you to Can Tho city to visit the famous Ninh Kieu Wharf, the sacred Ong Pagoda.
Go to the place where the group takes a rest, have dinner. After dinner, the group freely roam to visit Can Tho city at night. Overnight in Can Tho.
Day 05: CAN THO-MY THO - SAI GON (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Early in the morning, you can get up early at 5:00 am to freely visit Floating Market (expenses excluded).
After breakfast, we ride to My Tho tourist pier (No. 8 Road 30/4), cruise on Tien River to admire 04 Cu Lao Long, Lan, Qui, Phung. The boat runs along the floating fish rafts. Tourists learn how to raise fish on the river of the local people and watch the Rach Mieu Bridge.
Visit the island in the village of Ben Tre, visit the coconut candy specialties, enjoy new candy oven, learn the process of producing coconut candy, explore the scenery of the village of Ben Tre by means of horse-drawn carriage village Road.
Come to the garden house, you enjoy the taste of honey tea, enjoy the fruit and exchange the group of amateurs "home-grown".
You can try a photo taking souvenir with the cute Python. Then use the paddle boat to crept in the small canal to see two natural coconut water and the simple landscape of the garden.
Go to Lao Phung to visit the relics of Dao Dua, visit crocodile farm
After lunch, the car will take you back to the station and get back to Ho Chi Minh City. Arriving at the city, the group went to dinner later and returned to the hotel to rest

Day 06: SAI GON-DAI NAM-TIEN DOAN (Breakfast, lunch)
After breakfast, the car took the group to visit the spiritual tourist area DAI NAM LACNH, the delegation visited Dai Hung Bao Dien where worshiped Tam Bao, Uncle Ho and heroes of martyrs.
Visiting Uyen Garden (including only visiting the Dai Canh Lac Canh area, excluding entrance fee of VND 100,000 / person).
Then the car takes the group to lunch, back to Ho Chi Minh City. Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, the car takes the group to visit the Independence Palace - a famous historical monument visited by numerous domestic and foreign tourists and is a meeting and receiving place for middle leaders. City as well as the city, taking pictures at the Notre Dame Cathedral - is the cathedral of Ho Chi Minh City Archdiocese, City Post Office - is one of the typical architectural works in Ho Chi Minh City Minh. Group snack dinner (standard VND 40,000 / person).
Around 17h30, the car takes the group to the airport, meets the evening flight of VJ or Jetstar to Hanoi.
Arriving in Hanoi, the bus picks up and takes us to the meeting place.
Break up and end the program.
Service includes:
Car travel new air conditioning conditioning service under the tour program
HAN-SGN-HAN round-trip flight ticket of Vietjet or Jetstar (baggage only 7kg portable)
Tickets for high-speed train Ha Tien - Phu Quoc - Ha Tien
Standard hotel 2 ** (3; 4 people / 1 room)
Meals according to the program: main meals (VND 100,000 / person), snacks (VND 30,000 / person)
Local enthusiastic Vietnamese tour guide
One-time entrance tickets under the program.
Purified water 1 bottle / day / person.
Travel insurance compensation rate up to 20,000,000 / 1 person / person
Souvenir hat for the group
Not included:
Personal expenses such as laundry, telephone, VAT ..
Excluding tickets to Dai Nam gate (VND 100,000 / person)
HDV goes from Hanoi (if the group is less than 25 people)
- Regulations Vietjet air tickets under 2 years old: free, from 2 years and older tickets as adults
- Regulate Jetstar flight tickets for children as adult tickets
- Vietnam Airlines regulations: under 2 years old: 10% of the price; from 2-12 years: 75% of the fare, from 12 years old: the price is like an adult
- Regulations on services:
+ children under 5 years free (eat and sleep with parents);
+ From 5-11 years old: 60% of the price of tour service with parents;
+ 11 years and older; service like adults
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